How to Market Your Home for Sale

Real Estate

Marketing your home is a sure way to attract potential homebuyers and increase the chances of selling the home fast. Home sellers who hire real estate agents to represent them in the selling process get the marketing bit done by their agents. Home sellers that list their homes as For Sale By Owner need to put in the marketing work on their own in order to attract clients. There are several marketing options and sellers may combine a few strategies in order to penetrate the market accordingly.

Multiple Listing Service

Having your home on the MLS listings Seattle platform will attract buyers and real estate agents to your property. The MLS service accommodates listings by real estate agents and For Sale By Owner properties. You can pay an agent a flat fee to post your home on the site. Ensure that your listing comes with quality photos of the exterior and interior of the home and a detailed description that includes the asking price. Your listing will attract potential buyers who are browsing the site and buyers’ agents.

Social media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide users with a free marketing platform for their homes. Many sellers are already active on such platforms hence they only need to post quality photos of their homes and share with their friends. Social media platforms require minimal marketing effort when selling your home. You may go further into your quest by posting videos that will give other users a virtual tour of your home.

Yard sign

We use yard signs on our Seattle mid century modern homes in order to attract the attention of potential buyers. A ‘For Sale’ sign outside your home is a great marketing tool available to sellers. Signage tells anyone walking or driving down your street that your house is on sale hence, it attracts a variety of potential clients. Some homeowners associations do not allow sellers to put up yard signs and such sellers can only put up window signs. Ensure that the signage contains a phone number for potential buyers to reach you and enquire about the house.

Print media

Printed media such as newspapers and flyers are old methods of advertising but they still work in the current real estate industry. Local newspapers will offer you a large ad space for a lower price than major newspapers. You should use both options to widen your target market.

The internet provides e-newspapers, which contain the same information as hard copy newspapers. As such, readers of online newspapers will see your ad. E-flyers are easy to distribute to friends, family, and real estate agents in your area who may be representing potential buyers for your property.

You may combine 2 or 3 of the above strategies when seeking to sell your home and even advertise for an open house for potential buyers to have a physical chance to view the home.