How To Move Furniture Interstate On A Budget


Moving interstate or longer distances in Australia is an expensive affair! It’s challenging and gets tougher if you end up in wrong hands. The Australian consumer association is very closely watching the moving industry, after several mishaps with customer’s furniture been mishandled or wrong expectations were set by the shonky moving companies, operating with no registration.

With growing need for finding a right removalist, who could transport or move your treasures with uttermost care is becoming tough day by day. Although there are several options for consumers to choose, whilst moving their belongings longer distances, not all options are for all customers. The average cost for moving or transporting furniture interstate varies from number of bedrooms to the amount of furniture we move.

If you are fan of a VIP or full service movers , where your belongings will packed , moved and unpacked professionally , be mindful , as this costs you almost double the charge of a diy or self-pack moving option. Before we go in detail , let’s see how the self-pack moving option work self-pack moving companies are the ones who deliver a 20 or 40ft shipping containers to your property for you to load your furniture , when finish loading , they transport that shipping container to the new address by road or rail or water. This will give you option to control the furniture damage, as its packed under your guidance and the shipping container transit time usually lesser compare to regular moving truck travel by road.

Most of the self-pack container moving company’s use rail services to cut down the transit times; they also have option to choose a specific size of shipping container depending on your need. Trnaist insurance also will be added on to your shipment to protect your goods against any damage or theft or mishandling by the moving companies. If you are lucky enough to find a good quality container removalist, they also provide free packing material like rope and tier for your pack your furniture with care.

When you book these companies, make sure you pick a provider who provides you flexibility in choosing the longer hire time, so you get ample time to pack and load your furniture in to the shipping containers for them to transport to your new address.

Do a proper research before you sign any contract with the moving companies, by far the cheapest and safest option is to use a u load it container provider, some people might say that they could save more if they go for full DIY option, yes you could, but always recommended to use a professional, specially you are moving to longer distance, if it’s around the corner or with in the same town or city, shipping container removalists are not for you! Because the average cost of moving a 3 bedroom house using shipping container with in Australia varies between 2500 to 3000+ dollars. And not all companies provide short term storage if you need one! So make sure you ask right questions about shorterm container storage before you book a moving container company to move your pocessions.