Glamorous Garage-Doors


Garage doors are the face value of the house. They not only provide entrance to the cars but also depict the whole interior style of the house. There are many stylish doors available in market that provide comfort and give an instant glam to your house.

To get the details about the material, installation and fixation of your glam door you need a professional contractor and provides you the best of best so that you can have the house of your dreams without any headache.

There are many styles of doors are available in market like home barn, Victorian Era entrance, castle gates like doors. Whatever style you want to give to your house you can just roam the market and avail it for your house to glam it up like a pro.

Barn Carriage style doors:

These doors are made of wood and have arched windows and swinging doors. Gives your door a vintage village door look .Although it is made of wood but it has iron handles that are used to open the door. Having this door makes you feel like that you are in a farm house close to nature and far from the hustle bustle of life.

Castle like Door

People love to cover their home with green. So this is the best idea to cover the garage door in stone wall to give it a look of a castle door add green leaves and stone to give it a natural texture. Add Moss shades and viola! Feel like a king of a castle.

Give It A New Identity

You can always play with the style of the door. Create beautiful ideas and apply it on your house. And well you will surely love your house. You can change the theme of the garage door you can make it look like a garden shed, you can add plants, and wall leaves on the walls of the garage door and you can add the swinging door with vintage theme windows. You can always customize the door because you are putting much more than money on the house you put your effort and heart on the house.

Make it look fun

You can always paint the door in fun way. Paint graffiti, strips, a cool quote. Play with colors, add textures. Make your garage door look as cool as you are.

Well before playing with the design always consult your contractor. If you live in Washington then Garage Door Repair Bellevue would be the best option for you.